About us

Welcome to our BORSHCH HOUSE Family!

We're Ukrainian & proud! Family owned. Inspired by the love of smoked delicatessens! 

Originally, it all started as a hobby. We would smoke different sausages and meats a few times a year, mostly for family gatherings/occasions such as Easter and Christmas. Always sharing the goodies with friends and family members. The more we shared the more we slowly began receiving more and more questions and request about our smoked delicatessens. We worked on the craft some more, and before you know it, BORSHCH HOUSE was born. 

These recipes have been passed down for generations in our family. We've been crafting and learning these recipes for years. It's been a beautiful process! However, this is just the beginning! We hope to share these hand crafted delicatessens with each and everyone of you! 


Healthy and Natural

  • The entire process is made by hand from scratch
  • We use natural casing
  • No dead stock
  • All product made weekly, per ordered volume
  • Always fresh, all of our products are vacuum sealed


It's good for you!

Each one of our products are made with all natural ingredients. 

  • NO Additives 
  • NO Preservatives
  • Gluten Free